Pastor’s Corner-10/22/17

SOLEMNITY OF ALL SAINTS: Wednesday, November 1 is the Solemnity of All Saints and it IS a Holyday of Obligation. Masses will be on Tuesday, October 31 at 3pm and Wednesday, November 1 at 8:30am, 11am and 7pm.

ALL SOULS DAY: Thursday, November 2, is the day in which we especially remember all of the faithful departed. The 8:30am morning Mass will be offered for all of the holy souls in purgatory. Traditionally, November is the month in which we remember in special and practical ways the deceased members of our families, our deceased friends
and all of the faithful departed. Too many people believe when a loved one dies the soul automatically goes to heaven. Well, maybe yes, and maybe no. But we do not know the state of a person’s soul when he or she dies, only God knows. No matter what we think or want, we are not the “the Judge,” only God is. When a person dies in a state of grace but the soul is not completely prepared to enter heaven, then he or she is placed in Purgatory for purification. (God forbid that a person should die outside of the state of grace, that is, with unconfessed, unrepented mortal sin on their soul.) So, what we should be doing for the deceased is praying that our hope of salvation and eternal life with the Lord will be realized in them. Hence, each and every day, we should remember to pray for and offer our sufferings for the repose of all souls.