Pastor’s Corner: Festival News!

Festival News:

WOW!!! What a festival. We grossed $60,290.49. That’s $7,100 more than last year. More than a great success!

I would like to thank everyone who, in any way, worked or supported our festival. Thanks to those who donated to the Basket Bonanza Booth, the Variety Pull Down and the Cake Booths. A special thank you to those who volunteered as booth chairpersons, to our maintenance staff and to our young men helping for the summer.

A huge thank you to Beth Shore, Janet Phillips, and Dave and Tina Martini. And also, the rectory staff for all their work behind the scenes.

I am especially grateful to our Executive Committee: Theresa Murphy, Mike Masminster and Dave Haverbusch for their months of long and hard work.

The Major Award and the Booth Sponsorships really did well. All who came to the festival had a great time.

To ALL OF YOU: Committees, Workers and Supporters – I THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!


Eli Bedel $2,000

Charles Balz, Jr. $1,000

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Guetle $500