Tuition and Fees



*For full 5 days
  • $1,935 for 3 mornings a week
  • $2,835 for 5 mornings a week
  • $2,835 for 3 full days a week

K-8th Grade


Per Year

  • Tuition assistance is available
  • Ohio EdChoice Scholarships accepted
  • Payment plan available
  • Hamilton County daycare vouchers


Registration Fee for 2017-2018 School year is $100 per student K-8, not to exceed $250 a family.

Preschool registration for 2017-2018 is $75 a student.

Kindergarteners must pay a $39 snack fee prior to the first day of school.
Students in grades 1-8 must pay a materials fee of $5-$15 before the first day of school
A late fee of $10 is applied to late payments received after the 20th of each month. A $35 fee for a returned check also applies.