Fr. Watkins Desk, September 17, 2023


New School Year: the new school year is underway! I wish to welcome all of our teachers and students to the new academic year at St. Lawrence. Please keep our students, teachers, principal and staff in your prayers. May the Lord grant His blessings upon our school children, their parents and our teachers throughout this academic year.

During the school year, we will have all school Masses on Fridays at 8:30 a.m. but there will still be a noon Mass every Friday also.


Keeping St. Lawrence Beautiful: As you know, we have made some major improvements to St. Lawrence Church and School over the years. For example: the soccer field, lower parking lot, HVAC, and the church tile to name just a few.

Now we need to keep the momentum going. The next project we are addressing is the church organ and tower clock. As you know, the organ needs to be replaced and we have a replacement. It’s beautiful!!! Please read the insert for additional information and view the pictures of the replacement organ on the easels at the back of church.