Pastor’s Corner, January 23, 2022


THANK YOU: Many, many thanks to all who provided such beautiful music at all of the Christmas Masses, as well as to the ladies and maintenance men who decorated the church so beautifully.  Everyone did a superlative job! Again, I wish to thank all of you for your well wishes and Christmas gifts. Once again, I thank you for your generosity shown in the Sunday collections and the Christmas collection. You just continue to overwhelm me. Thank you.


Eucharistic Adoration: Eucharistic Adoration is on Thursdays from 3:00-5:00pm. During Eucharistic Adoration, I hear confessions from about 3:15pm-3:45pm. (During January, Eucharistic Adoration will be held in the Parish Center)


Beacons of Light:  The final version of the breakdown of parishes of families can be viewed on the Archdiocese website at


Church Tile Floor: It will take 4-5 weeks to complete the project. In order for the project to go as quickly and as smoothly as possible, we will move weekend and daily Masses, Eucharistic Adoration and confessions into the Parish Center. In case of a funeral, the funeral home will call St. Lawrence as usual. I will determine whether the funeral Mass will be held at St. Teresa or St. William. The funeral will be planned here at St. Lawrence and we will use our own St. Lawrence musicians, servers and bereavement.