Pastor’s Corner, May 9, 2021



Major Church Beautification

Over the years, thanks to the foresight of pastors, the goodness, talents and support of members and friends of St. Lawrence Parish (Church) many improvements have been accomplished without affecting the parish or school annual budgets. The Lord has blessed us in countless ways and as pastor/parishioners of this amazing parish, we continue to be custodians of the rich traditions and generosity of past generations. Once again, I have called upon a dedicated group of volunteers to help plan another major Church project.
The current worn and tattered carpeting on the aisle ways and under the pews has become a major concern. Though it has served us well, its deterioration has made it a danger with portions of high traffic areas buckling and threading causing concern for injuries. It needs to be replaced. In addition, after considerable evaluation, we have determined that a lasting benefit of this project is to install tile. In doing so it will maintain the architectural integrity of this magnificent holy structure, construction of which started in 1886 as the first Catholic Church to serve the residents of Price Hill.
The estimated cost of tile, its installation, and the refurbishing of the pews is $330,000. I am pleased to report that, thanks to significant lead gifts, we are blessed to currently have over $130,000. To help finance this project we will have a second collection.
The stone tile floor will be installed in sections. And, while this is being done, the pews will be refurbished. So, there will be some changes in seating arrangements throughout the project. I will keep you advised.  This project is scheduled to be completed this summer.