Organ Replacement Update

6.11.24 You may have noticed some changes in the gallery at Saint Lawrence. The floors have been repaired and leveled, replacing the previous six levels of unsafe platforms. Electrical lines running through the gallery have been updated, and the HVAC system has been re-routed under the new floor to improve heating and cooling efficiency. Additionally, deferred repairs and finish work on the stained glass window have been completed, addressing issues that arose when it was removed and reinstalled in 2006. These updates were necessary regardless of the organ’s status, making the gallery a safe and functional space once more.

The Rudolph von Beckerath organ was delivered two weeks ago and is now acclimating to its new home! Two-thirds of it, including the Black Forest oak case, steel frame, and internal components, are stacked and stored in the gallery, ready to be reassembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle. The remaining third, consisting of trays and crates of pipes, is stored in the old gymnasium. Representatives from the Beckerath company in Hamburg, Germany, visited Saint Lawrence last week to assess the instrument and draft a proposal for its rebuilding and restoration, including a timeline for installation.

You are welcome to visit the gallery after Mass to see the progress. Contact John Valentine, the Organist-Choirmaster, for a closer look. As a preview, the copper Spanish trumpets have been assembled and will be attached to the front of the case once reassembly begins.

We will continue using the piano downstairs for now, as the remnants of the old organ have finally failed due to electrical problems. Repairing it would cost over $5,000, so no further funds will be spent on it. Thank you for your support, patience, and continued generosity during this transition!